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How To Get Real Instagram Followers And Likes

So why is it so crucial to have Instagram followers? I have been asking myself the same question about all social media networks for quite some time now. What’s the use of having a large amount of Instagram followers, and how will it help me? And, how in the world can I increase my Instagram following anyway? All these issues are typical and asked by individuals or local business owners who want to use Instagram as an advertising network. Here are several techniques on how you can get more Instagram followers in a short time.

Start Commenting On Other People’s Posts

Commenting on peoples posts is the most efficient way of getting followers. If you like a friend’s post, you can comment on it to have his/her followers see your account. Instagram is a pay-it-forward style of website so when you take time to comment on other people’s posts, you’ll notice you’re starting to get free Instagram followers quickly.


Go Out On the Web And Actually Be Social

The best means to get even more Instagram followers is by tagging using the @ sign, such as @TheRock. The more you make use of tagging, the more conversation you will get on your posts and individuals will follow you. This even applies to popular accounts on Instagram. So if you @ a celebrity you could get followers, because Instagram is about being really social. Everything is found and talked about on Instagram.

Study And Make Use Of Trending Subjects

Instagram makes things incredibly effortless to discover the trending topics of the day, week, month and even the year. Make the most of this and take advantage of hashtags.

Try To Find The Sweet Spot

By searching for the “sweet spot”, I mean you should find the most ideal period of time to publish your pictures. Test the reactions your followers have on your picture. For instance, the picture you submitted in the morning may have fewer replies and likes than the picture you published after dinner. Depending upon the age of your followers and the niche of your posts, you can evaluate when it’s most ideal to submit a picture to get a lot more engagement.

Create A Special (branded) Hashtag Of Your Very Own

Create an exclusive hashtag of your own for your brand and use it routinely. You never know when anyone could see it and begin to use it. Eventually, your hashtag could make it to the top and be with the other trending hashtags.

Gather Followers For Instagram

Supposing that you are a blog writer and you run your own site, you should put an advertisement on it and recommend your visitors to follow you on Instagram. This will further aid you in picking up all-new followers.