Molten Guide to Focusrite Rednet

Tweaking Windows 8.1 for Audio and Music Production

Molten Music Technology Launches New Range of Computer Music Systems

Will the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 be any good for music production?

The release of the Microsoft Surface last year was something of an enigma. It sounded really exciting – great hardware, futuristic operating system but they somehow managed to confuse the hell out of everybody while completely failing to tell anyone what the machines did. The iPad “There’s an app for that” campaign was complete genius – it told you exactly what you needed to know, that with an iPad you could do all sorts of interesting things – it sold its reason for being.

The Pro Tools PC

What's all this then? Head over the for more information.

Windows 8 Audio Performance Testing

Here's me presenting the results to my Windows 8 performance testing. It's all looking pretty good :)


Akai EIE Pro - Review

Here's me doing a YouTube video review of the Akai EIE Pro for Rain Computers.


Booktrack - Writing Soundtracks for books?

The book publishing world is enjoying a fair bit of disarray at the moment. The rise of ebooks that everyone hates (but reads anyway), the closing of book shops that everyone protests about (while shopping on Amazon) and the generally grumbling that happens when a long established industry has to change – what does this have to do with music technology I hear you ask? We’ve got enough turmoil of our own surely? Well a couple of weeks ago I read an article in the Guardian (online of course, not on that paper stuff) by Andrew Motion ( about a new publishing phenomenon called Booktrack. “Soundtracks for books” is the tag line and the basic idea is that you take an ebook and you slap on a musical score and sound effects track which follows along as you read. Now there are usually two reactions to this – one is to recoil in horror and the other is to put on some headphones and jump straight in. A quick google search will reveal very divided opinion on the concept, but I’m not going to worry about that – what interests me is that there are shed loads of books out there and someone is going to have to write a lot of music to go with them and that sounds like my dream occupation.

Getting to Grips With Reason 6

Been using the new version of Reason today for the first time in anger. I've sat down and written and recording two pieces of music in an afternoon - that's not too bad going. I have used version 4 previously but i've not recorded audio into it before. It's all really easy. Struggling a bit with the layout - i can't seem to get enough on my screen at one time and am constantly adjusting the window sizes to see what i need to see. There are some Function keys that bring up just the rack or just the mixer or arrange window but actually i want to see how the all relate to each other.

Musikmesse 2012 - After Thoughts

It's Europe's biggest music trade show and happens in Frankfurt every year at the end of March. With a lot of music software companies being European it's often the place for impressive product launches or glimpses into the future - this year, not so much. Digging around the news feeds and videos from the show it's actually quite hard to find anything particularly dramatic.